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Tentations concordistes

Maldamé, Jean-Michel. “Tentations concordistes.” Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 63, no. 1–3 (2007): 555–79. DOI 10.17990/RPF/2007_63_1_0555.

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  • Tentations concordistes

    Author Jean-Michel Maldamé
    Rights © 2015 Aletheia - Associação Científica e Cultural | © 2015 Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia
    Volume 63
    Issue 1-3
    Pages 555-579
    Publication Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia
    ISSN 0870-5283; 2183-461X
    Date 2007
    DOI 10.17990/RPF/2007_63_1_0555
    Language French
    Abstract Abstract: The article aims at a demonstration of the various problems attached to the concordist project. The study begins with a definition of concordism, precisely in order to show that it is derived from the desire of assuring the unity of the human spirit as it is confronted with the great diversity of scientific knowledge, but also that it ends up contradicting this very intention due to its lack of a true spirit of criticism. The article shows also how during the xxth century the crucial questions to which the concordism related have to do with those pertaining to the origin of the universe, to the formation of the planet earth and to the notion of original sin. However, due to the fact that this last point is, no doubt, the most delicate and sensible one, the article insists particularly on a more detailed analysis of the notion of original sin in a theological perspective, one namely that is coherent with contemporary scientific knowledge. Key Words: Authority; Beginning; Bible and Science; Causality; Chardin, Teilhard de; Concordism; Cosmology; Creation; Creationism; Ecclesiastic Magisterium; Event; Evolution; Fundamentalism; Genesis; Inspiration of Scriptures; Literal sense; Meanings of Scripture; Narrative; Origin; Original Sin; Pontifical Academy of Sciences; Positivism; Science; Sin; Symbol; Theology and Science; Time; Tradition; Vatican ii; Wisdom.
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    • Cosmology
    • Creationism
    • Theology and Science
    • Tradition


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