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On the Role of Philosophy in Theology-Science Dialogue

Murphy, Nancey. “On the Role of Philosophy in Theology-Science Dialogue.” Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 63, no. 1–3 (2007): 489–505. DOI 10.17990/RPF/2007_63_1_0489.

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  • On the Role of Philosophy in Theology-Science Dialogue

    Author Nancey Murphy
    Rights © 2015 Aletheia - Associação Científica e Cultural | © 2015 Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia
    Volume 63
    Issue 1-3
    Pages 489-505
    Publication Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia
    ISSN 0870-5283; 2183-461X
    Date 2007
    DOI 10.17990/RPF/2007_63_1_0489
    Language English
    Abstract Abstract: Most disagreements about the proper place of philosophy in the theology-science dialogue stem from disagreements about the nature of philosophy itself. This essay traces some of the history of ideas about the nature of philosophy, and then proposes that in this post-analytic era philosophy can play both a constructive and critical role in the theology-science dialogue. The constructive role is well reflected in current literature, so this article explores the role of philosophy as therapy. As a test case the doctrine of critical realism is diagnosed as a theory designed to solve a problem that needs instead to be dissolved by recognizing that it is based on a misleading picture of the knower’s relation to the world. Key Words: Analytical Philosophy; Anti-realism; Cognitive Science; Conceptual archaeology; Critical realism; Epistemology; Illumination; Knowledge; Lakoff, George; Language and Reality; Language; Memory; Metaphor; Mind; Philosophy as therapy; Philosophy; Post-analytic philosophy; Primary metaphors; Realism; Representation; Science; Seeing; Self; Theology; Theology-science dialogue; Time; Wittgenstein, Ludwig
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    • Analytical Philosophy
    • Religion;
    • Science
    • Theology


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