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Contribution of Project Based Learning to the Medical and Psychological Education

Contribution of Project Based Learning to the Medical and Psychological Education

Abdullah Ortadeveci et al., “Contribution of Project Based Learning to the Medical and Psychological Education,” in Higher Education in a Digital Era through Project-Based E-Learning: Contributes of the RESTART4EDU Project, ed. Paulo C. Dias et al., Psicologia 10 (Braga: Axioma - Publicações da Faculdade de Filosofia, 2023), 159–70,

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  • Contribution of Project Based Learning to the Medical and Psychological Education

    Item Type Book Section
    Editor Paulo C. Dias
    Editor Ângela Sá Azevedo
    Editor Íris Oliveira
    Editor Elif Kara
    Editor Onur Ergünay
    Editor Haci Mustafa Dönmez
    Editor Mihai Girtu
    Editor Daniela D. Căprioară
    Author Abdullah Ortadeveci
    Author Ângela Leite
    Author Emel Ulupinar
    Author Sergiu-Ioachim Chirilă
    Author Liliana Tuță
    Date 2023
    Language English
    Rights © 2023 Aletheia - Associação Científica e Cultural
    Place Braga
    Publisher Axioma - Publicações da Faculdade de Filosofia
    ISBN 978-972-697-366-9
    Pages 159-170
    Series Psicologia
    Series Number 10
    Book Title Higher Education in a Digital Era through Project-based E-learning: Contributes of the RESTART4EDU Project
    Date Added 7/21/2023, 10:30:33 PM
    Modified 7/21/2023, 10:49:55 PM


    • Educational Design
    • Educational Technologies
    • Pedagogy
    • Project-Based Learning
    • Psychology


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