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Kant e os Deveres para com as Gerações Futuras

Kant e os Deveres para com as Gerações Futuras

Edgard José Jorge Filho, ‘Kant e os Deveres para com as Gerações Futuras’, Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 73, no. 1 (2017): 379–404, DOI .17990/rpf/2017_73_1_0379

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  • Kant e os Deveres para com as Gerações Futuras

    Type Journal Article
    Author Edgard José Jorge Filho
    Rights © 2017 Aletheia - Associação Científica e Cultural | © 2017 Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia
    Volume 73
    Issue 1
    Pages 379-404
    Publication Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia
    ISSN 0870-5283; 2183-461X
    Date 2017
    DOI 10.17990/rpf/2017_73_1_0379
    Language Portuguese
    Abstract In the face of the enormous challenges of this century, it is urgent to consider the question of an ethics concerned with the future of mankind and of its environment. In this study, we inquire into a possible contribution of Kantian philosophy to the conception of duties to the future generations. We consider in particular the following questions: 1) does the Kantian ethics admit, though only implicitly, duties to future generations of human beings?; 2) bound to such duties, would be there the duty to know and foresee the possible, near and remote, consequences of the actions of a certain generation on the future generations?; 3) does Kant acknowledge any duty with regard to the non-human beings of nature or, at least, a moral interest in them?
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    Modified 21/04/2017, 14:52:50


    • duties
    • ethics
    • future generations
    • Kant
    • moral interest


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