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Article Rules




The submitted text must be unpublished.


The submitted text should not exceed 20 pages (with footnotes and bibliography included).


The articles may be written in the prominent European languages (Portuguese, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian).


The article should be sent in .DOC or .DOCX format.




General Article Structure




Cover Sheet


Title of the article (not to be delivered with capitular or small caps);


Name(s) and institution(s); / (not to be delivered with capitular or small caps);


E-mail address;


Abstract / should not exceed 1250 characters (with spacing included) and should be written in English only.


Keywords / between 4 and 8, only written in English and arranged from right to left in alphabetical order.




Body Text


Body text divided into sections;


All references should be included in footnotes at the end of each page;


The article should end with a final section of Bibliography.




Style and References




The Axioma-Publicações da Faculdade de Filosofia follows the bibliographical reference of Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition (Full Note).  Please note that this specific norm of bibliographical reference maintains two different styles that must be applied: one for the footnotes and another for the final section of Bibliography. Therefore, we request to interested authors that before submitting your articles you should check if your text follows these guidelines. Articles submitted that do not meet this criterion will be automatically rejected.




Please click on this link to see the main guidelines for the use of this bibliographic reference, both for the footnotes as the final section of Bibliography.




Please click on this link to see another example with the styles applied in a submitted text to the Publishing House.


For more information click on this link.




It is mandatory that the authors include the DOI in the bibliographic references in the final section of bibliography (this if said bibliographic reference have a DOI). Regardless of the origin of the reference the DOI is always the last element to be included.


If you do not know if any of your bibliographic entries have a DOI, please enter them on the text box following this link.


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