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Clarice Lispector inventa-se em jornais e revistas

Clarice Lispector inventa-se em jornais e revistas

Matildes Demetrio dos Santos, “Clarice Lispector inventa-se em jornais e revistas,” Revista Portuguesa de Humanidades 23, no. 1–2 (2019): 441–62.

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  • Clarice Lispector inventa-se em jornais e revistas

    Type Journal Article
    Author Matildes Demetrio dos Santos
    Rights © 2019 Aletheia - Associação Científica e Cultural
    Volume 23
    Issue 1-2
    Pages 441-462
    Publication Revista Portuguesa de Humanidades
    ISSN 0874-0321
    Date 2019
    Language Portuguese
    Abstract The purpose of the article is to bring Clarice Lispector, the journalist, with the objective of answering the question: What will find out the one who seeks the author of books in texts published in newspapers and magazines? If in fictional work, she does not facilitate the reader’s work, would it be different by making factual genre in language accessible to the general public? The reading of Correio feminino, Só para mulheres and A descoberta do mundo, works that make up the rich and extensive journalistic fortune of the writer, help in this study. The idea is not to exhaust the subject, but to dwell on notes, reflections, chronicles and testimonies, pages on the most different subjects, which have not yielded to the vulgarization of media consumption, in a world in which themes, are more and more concealed by a language of a superficial and mechanical type.
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    • brazilian columnists,
    • Clarice Lispector,
    • journalism,
    • literary creation


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