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Remarks on the Sole Fragment of Aristotle’s Lost On Prayer

Remarks on the Sole Fragment of Aristotle’s Lost On Prayer

Tomás N. Castro, “Remarks on the Sole Fragment of Aristotle’s Lost On Prayer,” Revista Portuguesa de Humanidades 23, no. 1–2 (2019): 103–18.

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  • Remarks on the sole fragment of Aristotle’s lost On Prayer

    Type Journal Article
    Author Tomás N. Castro
    Rights © 2019 Aletheia - Associação Científica e Cultural
    Volume 23
    Issue 1-2
    Pages 103-118
    Publication Revista Portuguesa de Humanidades
    ISSN 0874-0321
    Date 2019
    Language English
    Abstract The only extant fragment of Aristotle’s lost treatise On Prayer [Περὶ εὐχῆς] is an excerpt from Simplicius’ Commentary on Aristotle’s On Heavens [De caelo] (ad II.12, 292b10; ed. CAG VII; p. 485.19-22 Heiberg). Simplicius’ text, however, has been poorly edited for a long time, with several textual problems being spread unconsciously by the majority of the editors of the Aristotelian fragments, and only recently the text began to be properly clarified. The fragment 49 Rose3 was repeatedly exploited to sustain and to endow with antiquity and authority theological readings with Neoplatonist features, and there is a place where the establishment of the critical text is of the utmost importance for a research in quest for the possibility of understanding God and its intelligibility. This paper discusses the context of Simplicius’ testimony, the idiosyncrasies of the textual problems, the structure of the fragment, its lexicon (e.g. ὑπέρ and ἐπέκεινα), and the hermeneutical challenges it poses regarding its authenticity and interpretation within the Aristotelian corpus.
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    • ancient greek philosophy,
    • Aristotle,
    • neoplatonism,
    • On Prayer,
    • prayer,
    • Simplicius


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