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Literatura em Tempos de Cultura da Convergência, Conexão e Propagabilidade

Literatura em Tempos de Cultura da Convergência, Conexão e Propagabilidade

Jacqueline Gomes de Aguiar, “Literatura em Tempos de Cultura da Convergência, Conexão e Propagabilidade,” Revista Portuguesa de Humanidades 23, no. 1–2 (2019): 13–28.

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  • Literatura em Tempos de Cultura da Convergência, Conexão e Propagabilidade

    Type Journal Article
    Author Jacqueline Gomes de Aguiar
    Rights © 2019 Aletheia - Associação Científica e Cultural
    Volume 23
    Issue 1-2
    Pages 13-28
    Publication Revista Portuguesa de Humanidades
    ISSN 0874-0321
    Date 2019
    Language Portuguese
    Abstract The present article intends to contribute to the debate about the ways of thinking or to perceive some literary expressions of the contemporaneity from the presentation of the work Hunger Games of the United States Suzanne Collins. It intends to present some reflections built from the master’s research carried out between the years 2014 and 2016 in the PPGEDU ULBRA (Post-graduation Program in Education of the Lutheran University of Brazil). The analysis, with theoretical inscription in the Cultural Studies, allowed the perception of a significant and recurrent literary slice in the present times and that has mobilized a large and specific readership: the Young adult literature or the literature for the young adult. This literary slice has highlighted a narrative modality presented as a contemporary saga, and has mobilized issues that call for concepts related to the culture of convergence, as described by Jenkins (2009). The deepening of the debate about the convergence culture and literature brings to the center of the discussions a literary aesthetic considered peripheral1, but that allows, using exactly this tensioning of movements producers and propagators of contents that these times of convergence has opportunistic, the construction of complex fictional universes that move and build between the popular literary work and other online supports of dissemination and participation.
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    • convergence culture,
    • cultural studies,
    • peripheral aesthetics,
    • young adult literature


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